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Network Rail

About This Course

Welcome to this OLEC1 Course by Network Rail and the Rail Electrification Delivery Group (REDG).

This course is aimed at persons requiring unaccompanied access to an OLE construction site.

You may complete this course in your own time, your own pace, and until you are in complete understanding of the course material.

Please note that in order to obtain an OLEC1 Competence certificate, you will need to complete and pass the assessment with an invigilator, nominated by your business.

Before you continue, please ensure you have consulted with your nominated invigilator as to how the certification of this course will be administered.

My name is Gary Taylor and I am your tutor for this course.

To get started, you must enroll in the course.

Best of Luck!


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Course Staff

Gary Taylor

Overhead Line Trainer