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Employment Bootcamp

Family Mosaic

About This Employer

Family Mosaic provide good quality, affordable homes to rent and buy, as well as care and support services to thousands of people who need extra support. We have over 25,000 homes for rent and we serve more than 45,000 people: we’re one of the largest housing providers in London, Essex and the Southeast. We provide a range of opportunities for our customers such as training, employment and access to learning so they can improve their prospects, find new opportunities and move on. Wherever we work, we focus on our customers. This means supporting their health, wealth or well-being. It means playing an active part in their communities. We make a difference to local communities by taking advantage of our size: by being big but local, we can make a more positive impact for the people who live in our homes. We develop a wide range of tenant-focused projects, community activities, employment and training initiatives, financial inclusion programmes and other regeneration programmes.

About Employment Boot Camp

In 2012 we wanted to revamp our Employment support offer to tenants and after consideration and assessing what is already available , we wanted to create a programme that was completely different, innovative, fresh and new. We looked at the various barriers that people faced to employment and felt strongly that simply providing support on CVs, interviews and applications, whilst valuable, was not enough to effectively and meaningfully support people back into work. So we created a holistic programme also tackling self confidence, self presentation, emotional intelligence, managing finance, nutrition and fitness to help bring about a transformational change for maximum impact.

We have had excellent results with a high percentage of the delegates securing work or progressing into training, work placements or volunteering.

Some Customer Feedback:

• "We live in such negative environments this course brings you out and you can share, makes things easier and helps you put things into perspective."
• "Broken down my personal barriers."
• "Amazing, mind blowing, raises awareness."
• "I have enjoyed the sessions and the tutors as this came at a time when I needed a boost and the people I met were inspiring and I felt comfortable around them."
• "I now feel more confident and better informed. I feel empowered and able now."
• "Yes, it has lifted my self worth and encouraged me to go out and act."



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Lorenzo Hall

Lorenzo Hall is a Leadership Coach, specialising in transformational leadership and peak performance. He has over 20 years’ experience in the private sector and 10 years in the public sector, delivering management development and leadership training and coaching.

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Rita Arora

Rita qualified as a pharmacist from Manchester University and then as a nutritional therapist. She has since studied the latest laboratory techniques such as hormone profiles, comprehensive digestive analysis, adrenal stress index testing, food intolerance and DNA Testing.

Rita is the UK Trainer of nutritional therapists for DNAfit, which looks at optimum diet and exercise tailor made according to your genes.

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Basil Dingwall

Basil is an excellent, intelligent and innovative Personal Trainer and Peak Performance Coach with over 15 years industry experience. He has worked with CEOs of global companies, public sector groups and individuals and enabled them to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Using skills and knowledge gained as a Master NLP Practitioner and Functional Trainer of the human body he uniquely finds solutions to everyday problems that inhibit mental and physical peak performance.

He has run the London Marathon 4 times to raise money for charity and is a keen cyclist. One of his favourite sayings is "Today is a great day”.

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Suzanne Parker

Suzanne is an experienced actor and TV presenter, and she has many years experience interviewing guests from the worlds of business, politics and entertainment. She utilises her learning from performing arts and drama school to coach individuals to present themselves with confidence. Offering practical and usable advice and guidance via group workshops or one-to-one sessions. Suzanne is determined that nobody misses out on opportunities due to a lack confidence or being unaware of messages they are giving via their verbal and non-verbal communication.

Suzanne works with people in improving their one-to-one interactions, creating an impact and achieving their desired results through the way they communicate. She also delivers ‘lunchtime learning’ seminars on key subjects such as Presenting Yourself Confidently in Interviews and Meetings, Communicating with Impact in Face to Face Situations, Interpersonal Skills in Conflict Situations and Influencing Using Emotional Intelligence.

In addition, Suzanne offers one-hour, interpersonal skills focused, camera coaching sessions, enabling the learner to see themselves as others see them and make immediate changes on areas for development.