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Ethical Fundraising


About This Course

Fundraising is one of the key responsibilities of a Trustee. It is important that Trustees and Executive decide on a whole organisation approach to fundraising and that they stay updated on the ethical guidelines and regulations that apply to fundraising in charities.

You will be briefly introduced to:

  • The importance of ethical fundraising
  • The key principles for fundraising as outlined by the Fundraising Regulator’s Code of Fundraising Practice

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any previous knowledge of ethical fundraising to enrol in this module?

No, you will not need any previous knowledge of ethical fundraising to enrol in this microlearning module.

How long does this module run for?

There is no end date for this module.

How long will it take me to complete the module?

Once you are enrolled in the module, you can work through the content at your own pace. This is a very brief module that should not take you longer than five minutes to complete. You need to complete the two knowledge check questions at the end of the module successfully in order to receive a badge.

How can I receive badges?

There are knowledge checks at the end of this module. You will need to achieve 100% to earn a badge.

Can I access this module using my smartphone or tablet?

Yes. This module is available on both desktop and mobile. If you would like to do the module on a smartphone or tablet, you will need to download the Cause4 Advance app for either Android or iOS,  depending on your device.

What web browser should I use?

The Open edX platform works best with current versions of Chrome, Firefox or Safari, or with Internet Explorer version 9 and above.

See our list of supported browsers for the most up-to-date information.